Next Level Elite Basketball

"Next Level Elite doesnt spend their time recruiting 5 star talent, instead we spend our time preparing to beat 5 star talent. We aren't looking for the cream of the crop, instead we focus on developing our crop into cream"

Elite Award Winner : Ray Ochonogor

The Elite award is awarded to the player who has shown the team, coaches, and parents to have set themselves apart as a force to be reckoned with on and off of the court. This player has the reputation as the go to man. This player is consistent in their efforts on the court, and excels at their roles on the team. They have the reputation of bringing the funk on a daily bases. They are known to their teammates as reliable, consistent, dominate, forceful, and impactful. To the coaches, the Elite award winner is a player who put their stamp on each and every game allowing us the chance win every game. This player has shown that they are whole heartedly committed to the NLE process. This player has also shown their commitment in the classroom by boasting a 3.25 or above GPA. This player will return the next season as one of two captains in charge of leading their NLE team to a productive future. Congratulations to Raymond Ochonogor for winning the Elite Award!